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Our Beliefs

  1. We value DIVERSITY among our volunteers, staff members and board members.
  2. We believe in serving ALL survivors of tragedy in our communities. We believe in RESPECTING everyone we are called to serve regardless of their circumstances.
  3. We believe in providing EXCELLENT  service and in keeping our promise to emergency responders..... to respond to all requests for service quickly on a 24/7/365 basis 100% of the time.
  4. We believe in FAIRNESS and in holding all volunteers accountable for adhering to the TIP volunteer commitment and to the high standards established by TIP.
  5. We believe that the health and reputation of the TIP ORGANIZATION is very important, and we believe that leaders should make decisions based on " what's best for the organization".
  6. We believe in LEARNING  from our field experiences and in providing continuing education opportunities to our volunteers so that they can provide the best service to clients.
  7. We believe in being a place where volunteers feel that they BELONG and where they can get involved, GROW, stretch and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  8. We believe in PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE of the organization by developing volunteer leaders and by engaging in succession planning.
  9. We believe that providing a LOVING PRESENCE to survivors of tragedy is our primary mission and our most important service.
  10. We believe that all of our interactions should be HONEST, TRANSPARENT and AUTHENTIC.

Trauma Intervention Programs Inc. is passionate about including all members of the community in our organization regardless of race, color, creed gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical disability. We believe that every member of the community has the potential to advance our mission by becoming involved as a TIP volunteer, a board member, a donor or a staff person. We strive to make staff and volunteer opportunities known and available to all segments of the community and to create an environment where anyone, from any background, can thrive as part of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc.